The School of Business & Economics
"Providing Skills to Investors for the Future"
“Providing Skills”

When you hear us mention skills, we mean business. We mean skills that develop a culture of competence, leadership, management, trust, communication, problem solving and networking. We mean inducting our students and making them become an embodiment of reason to the people they interact with in their day to day undertakings. We mean Business Skills.


An investor is a leader with a vision for the future. This is a smart fellow with the ability to see a gap in the market and allocate his or her resources; skills, time and money towards a greater future. This is a leader that is capable of earning the trust of those he or she is dealing with and is accepted by the market as a leader. A true investor needs not to be a cheat. Making the world a better place becomes a major priority


“The future”

We live in a world with a very dynamic future. There are always problems that require solutions. True leaders accept that the world desperately needs them and avail themselves for the dynamic world. With the dynamics of the future, it is impossible to become an investor who does not embrace technology and who cannot accept change or advice. We cultivate humility, rebellion in our leaders and the ability to think outside the box to salvage a situation that is not anticipated. We are The School of Business.



Dr. Alphonce J. Odondo, is the Ag. Dean of the School of Business and Economics.  BA, MA, PhD (Maseno University), An Economist by profession with most of research activities based on poverty reduction strategies with particular emphasis on rural poverty and smallholder livelihood strategies, with vast experience in various teaching and management of Academic affairs.



School of Business and Economics is one of the pioneer schools established in Tom Mboya University College, a constituent College of Maseno University. The school was created due to the existing and potential market opportunities for its programs and our resolve for knowledge creation and societal transformation for sustainable development. The school houses a number of post graduate, undergraduate, diploma and certificate programs. The undergraduate programs are integrated with Information Technology and Entrepreneurial skills that adequately prepare our students for the job market. We also offer professional courses such as Certified Public Accountants (CPA), Certified Secretaries (CS), Certified Credit Professionals (CCP) and Accounting Technician Diploma (ATD). Detailed information on the programmes is available at the University College’s website.

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